February 11, 2013

Sinclair Migrates to ZK Framework for Distributor Services

Sinclair Services has revealed its intention to implement ZK Java Web framework for its Distributor Services Web application. The announcement from Sinclair follows Adobe’s (NewsAlert) announcement in 2011 unveiling its latest strategy for the Flex SDK.

The requirements of the wholesale customers of Sinclair Oil Corporation are fulfilled by the Distributor Services online application. Every day, hundreds of users view their Sinclair Oil related business documents comprising of statements, draft notices, credit communications, chargebacks, adjustments, fuel price records, and several other business important reports and features using the Distributor Services online application.

Developed with a business portal setting, the online application offers user-explicit content.  All the distributors are first given an administrator login. They will therefore be able to define other users as they wish for their businesses. Administrators also have the authority to define the permission rights for other users. Sinclair aims to offer wholesale customers with business documents as and when required. Customers will also be offered instantaneous communications necessary for the distributor’s business planning and operations.

In 2006, the Distributor Services online application was developed using Adobe Flex. Sinclair has decided to shift its application to ZK Framework after Adobe’s latest strategy for the Flex SDK. ZK Framework offers an exhaustive component set along with a Server+client fusion architecture, which is partially assisted by the jQuery framework. Sinclair was also impressed with ZK Framework, where the client was pushed out from the server as an HTML5/jQuery solution. As HTML5 forms the core of ZK’s client-side offering the framework is expected to be compatible with all types of devices.

Using the ZK Framework, the business logic layer, the main core of an online application, can reside on the server, thereby making hacking very difficult. Sinclair will therefore be provided considerable security of its online application apart from the capability to manage state for any user session in a simplified manner. With ZK, Sinclair does not have to unearth physical documents in case the distributor loses them and requires another copy, saving time for Sinclair’s internal staffing resources. ZK Framework’s receptive design built into version 6.5 along with its HTML5/jQuery solution on the client-side offers support to the developer in several ways.

Edited by Carlos Olivera


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