February 11, 2013

Beachfront Now Offering HTML5 in its Beachfront Builder Software

HTML5 is getting more popular every day. More and more companies are finding use for the format in a variety of different ways, thanks to its compatibility with almost every device out there. It is the adaptability of the technology that is really making it that much formidable. 

Beachfront Media appears to understand just how useful HTML5 can be, with the announcement that the company’s Beachfront Builder suite will now begin to support it.

This announcement means that clients who are already using the Beachfront Builder for their native apps on iOS and Android (NewsAlert) will be able to have even more choices ahead of them, should they want to build a mobile or desktop application.

Windows, in particular, is a door that is now open to people using the Beachfront Builder suite, and that could mean big things for the company and its clients.

Beachfront Media has an entire suite of tools, all geared toward putting video applications on mobile devices such as the iPhone (NewsAlert), the iPad and the wide array of Android-powered devices. The Burbank-based company is also running the search engine MeFeedia, which largely works by allowing people to find various video offerings.

The company has worked to help its clients assemble all kinds of video-based applications, but the ability to offer them using HTML5 could actually make Beachfront a real power in this medium.

There are simply too many limitations to firms that are not at least offering the ability to develop using HTML5. Applications that don’t catch on in one medium could find a foothold in another, and then actually make its way back to the iPhone or iPad once it’s been perfected by going with an HTML5 build.

Edited by Braden Becker


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