February 11, 2013

Drawquest iOS App Launched by 4Chan Founder

There is certainly no shortage of iOS applications that encourage their users to be social, although there are still very few applications that get their users to be social the way that the new Drawquest application does it. Perhaps the best news of all is that this iOS app could be coming to other formats relatively soon since it was built with some of the application being HTML5.

The founder of 4Chan, Christopher Poole (otherwise known as Moot) put together the Drawquest application as a way to get people of all ages to create their drawings using the application, and then share it with people all over the world. This is actually Poole’s second attempt at putting together a drawing application and the first one, Canvas used quite a bit of HTML5 in its first build and allowed Drawquest to be as good as it is by improving on certain aspects of that application.

This particular application is only available on iOS at the present time. Drawquest works by giving the user a basic framework (such as an outline of a spaceship or a castle) and then allowing that user to decide how they want to complete the drawing using the touch inteface on the iPad or iPhone (NewsAlert).

The application also allows you to follow other people who are using the application. You can also post any of the Drawquest drawings you make on Facebook (NewsAlert) and other social networking applications.One of the coolest features of the Drawquest application is that you can actually play back how the drawings were created. Drawquest doesn’t seem to have much of a monetization plan at the moment, but if the application becomes more popular and gains users above the rate that is already pretty impressive, we might see Moot find a way to make this particular application plenty profitable.

Edited by Ashley Caputo


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