February 16, 2013

Adobe Releases Public Preview of its Latest HTML5 Web Tooling Innovation

Adobe Systems (News Alert) has released the preview of its latest HTML5 Web tool innovation – Adobe Edge Reflow – that allows Web designers and developers to create websites and content for screens of any size.

The new responsible Web design tool can be used to create layout and visual designs with CSS (NewsAlert). Its intuitive resizable design surface shows how layouts and visuals will adapt to different screen sizes.

The tool is available as a preview in Creative Cloud. 

“The job of a Web designer and developer has become more challenging, with Web standards progressing rapidly and the number of screen sizes and form factors increasing exponentially,” said Paul Gubbay, vice president of product development, Digital Media business, Adobe.

“Adobe Creative Cloud enables our teams to deliver product innovation to our customers the moment that new features are ready, helping designers and developers tackle the new challenges of the modern Web and more seamlessly create websites and interactive content for the latest browsers and different screen sizes,” Gubbay added.

Edge Reflow features advance capabilities to make Web designing easier. Throughout the development process, designers can maintain design vision by previewing it in the browser, inspect their design in real time via Edge Inspect extension, and extract the CSS for use in Edge Code, Dreamweaver or any code editor.

The new Adobe Edge Reflow is now released for the first public preview. During the preview period, Adobe sought user feedback in order to help evolve the product. 

In addition to this, Adobe also announced new feature updates for Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Edge Code preview.

Adobe Dreamweaver now features improved interoperability with the Adobe Edge Tools & Services family, and includes several new features to enhance code authoring ability and workflow. Developers can now easily preview, select and incorporate Edge Web Fonts into their Dreamweaver projects as well.

An important enhancement to Fluid grid layout introduced in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 now allows developers to leverage class tags, in addition to ID tags, and features a new editing interface.

Adobe Edge Code preview release incorporates features such as Live Development, which allows users to see changes in the browser immediately as they make code edits, and Quick Edit, which lets users edit code in context instead of switching between files.

The newly announced product releases are available exclusively to Adobe Creative Cloud members.


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