February 21, 2013

2X Software Client for RDP Application to Google Chrome Catching On

2X (NewsAlert) Software, specializing in virtual desktop and application delivery solutions, received a positive response to the launch of its free 2X Client for a Remote Desktop packaged application for Google (News Alert) Chrome.

The company provides virtual desktop, application delivery, remote access and cloud computing solutions. The reliability and scalability features of 2X products are preferred by global customers.

The 2X solutions make a firm’s shift to cloud computing easy and affordable.

Users will benefit from the 2X Client for Chrome, which offers simple and secure remote access to the Microsoft (News Alert) Windows desktop using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) even from remote locations. It is downloadable directly from 2X Software’s website, and available on the Chrome Web store as well.

According to officials, the 2X Client for RDP / Remote Desktop is designed for Chrome and is compatible with platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS.

The 2X Client for Chrome also enables a direct connection and eliminates the use of a public gateway in order to make the user’s computing experience secure and private. It is the first fully installable, packaged Chrome application that facilitates RDP connections.

The new 2X Client for Chrome supports Google Chrome 24 and up, providing unlimited connections that run concurrently, along with functional offline mode, which works even in the event that an Internet connection is not available.

The solution saves user settings to the Google Cloud for syncing across multiple systems, and is fully developed with JavaScript and HTML5 technologies, all while being Windows 2012 and Windows 8 compatible, added officials.

Recently, 2X Software was conferred with the 2013 European Seal of e-Excellence Award, which further strengthens its credibility within the European cloud computing market.

Paul Gafa, chief technology officer at 2X Software, said, “The company is extremely pleased to have received the prestigious European Seal of e-Excellence award.”

He believes this latest award proves that the company’s technology is at the center of excellence in meeting the demands of the European market. The company accepts the award as a symbol of its good practice within the ICT sector, and looks forward to always improving its strong technological foundation.

Edited by Braden Becker


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