February 22, 2013

Zmags Announces Availability of Verge HTML5 for Improved Digital Catalog Experience

Zmags recently announced the availability of Verge HTML5 which has been developed for driving brand exposure and conversion rates over multiple digital platforms. Verge HTML5 delivers a Flash-free experience capable of providing Zmags-powered catalogs and publications spanning all desktop and mobile platforms.

Zmags is a specialist in commerce-enabled digital catalogs and publications. In a statement, Eve Tyers, Head of Consumer Insight, Planning and Marketing at Joules Clothing, said that, "With the HTML5 enhancements to the Verge platform, we never have to worry about compromising the richness of our catalog simply because of the type of device our customers use to access it. Now, we can rest assured that our digital catalog experience will be delivered to every customer in the way it was intended, regardless of device."

Retailers, brands and publishers using HTML5 will be able to – use one publication across all platforms which mitigates the need for special editions for each touchpoint; benefit from pre-configured features and templates for different device types and screen sizes; make it easy for consumers to shop any catalog over any device directly from within the digital catalog; and enhance desktop browsing.  

Zmags president Scott Bleczinski said that, "HTML5 support is increasingly important to marketers concerned with delivering a truly multi-channel content experience. In order to help our clients remain ahead of the curve, we are giving them a solution that delivers a consistent, content-rich experience across multiple platforms. As HTML5 grows, our vision is to support additional enrichments such as social layers and personalized content that further enhance the consumer browsing and shopping experience."

Zmags provides retailers and marketers with multiple revenue opportunities via fully branded, commerce-enabled digital catalogs and publications designed to be consistent for different consumer touchpoints. The Zmags platform delivers an immersive digital environment which drives customer engagement and supports direct purchasing from the page thereby enhancing ROI.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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