February 22, 2013

Kaazing Powers Live Social Online Auctions from Outbid

Kaazing (NewsAlert), founders of HTML5 WebSocket, has announced that its HTML5 Edition 3.5 will support the real-time bidding, live chat, and live integrated audio of the online auction service Outbid.

Founded in Oakland in October 2011, Outbid is a privately held company bringing the auction room online and adding unique and exciting social features for the Web and mobile. It is an interactive online auction that connects buyers and sellers in a fun, social, gaming atmosphere. Auctions are hosted in real-time by live auctioneers, where users compete to outplay, outlast, and outbid each other.

“We chose Kaazing because they pioneered HTML5 WebSocket,” said Bob Lee, chief product officer, “We knew if we were to create a next-generation live auction experience, we needed next-generation software to support instant bidding, rapid transactions, and live chat. Kaazing was the ideal solution.”

Lee said that they were impressed with its customer base and enterprise-level features including security, emulation, API libraries, and more.

The recently released HMTL5 3.5 edition works perfect for developers looking to build high-performance websites and apps using custom protocols. It has the ability to close all inbound firewall ports for zero penetration into the users trusted enterprise network while still allowing Web users to connect.

In addition, HMTL5 3.5 edition offers bandwidth control for offering volume-tiered data delivery services or to cap bandwidth utilization.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with to enable its live bidding and chat experiences,” said John Donnelly III, EVP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Kaazing.

Donnelly III said that their clients like Outbid have raised the bar when it comes to user experiences from real-time bidding, trading, monitoring, tracking, notifications, and gaming.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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