February 22, 2013

RoninCast 4.0 Hits from Wireless Ronin, Improving Digital Signage

Digital signage has a lot of potential as a market tool, with several companies already successfully using the technology to power a lot of traffic increases. To that end, Wireless Ronin has announced the release of its latest generation of RoninCast software for digital signage development: RoninCast 4.0.

The release of RoninCast 4.0 offers a variety of improvements over previous generations. One of the more interesting functions is a set of new systems designed to integrate in-store digital signage with customers’ mobile devices, allowing customers to get more information about products and services, or place orders remotely. One potential use of this new technology is in restaurants—where Wireless Ronin was previously spotted working with Burgerville–where users can simply use their mobile devices to connect with a menu and make decisions about what they want to eat directly from an app. This reduces the need for menus, and potentially, even waitstaff, as customers file their orders directly with the kitchen. Customers may be also able to play brand-related games while waiting in line at a business, or even get ultra-specific coupons related to the business’ offerings sent through a device.

Further, RoninCast offers up several new features in terms of usability, like better interaction with RSS feeds, cache management, and zone-based scheduling as well as a remote installation option. This provides a better overall flexibility in terms of activating the system in a business’ operations.

All of these are sound offerings in their own right, but where RoninCast 4.0 really improves is in its improved use of HTML5. Using HTML5 allows RoninCast to lower its initial operating costs while also taking advantage of growing marketing technologies in business like interactive kiosk systems, mobile and social functions, as well as those offered by the wider Web.

Taking all these functions together offers a robust profit potential. Not only are the initial costs of bringing in such a system lowered thanks to improvements in efficiency and easier installation, the chances of increasing sales are also increased thanks to more points of contact with potential customers as well as more engaging points of contact overall. Combining “more” and “better” often leads to improved likelihood of success, so it’s certainly worth considering. But it’s not just a chance at better profit that makes RoninCast 4.0 look especially promising; it’s also the impact of lowering costs that makes this one worth a second look. Being able to lower costs and improve potential profit is the kind of recipe for success that just about any business could successfully implement.

Wireless Ronin will be bringing out RoninCast 4.0 for its first appearance at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, running February 27 – 28, just ahead of its full release, which is set for March. When it does emerge, it will likely have several interested retailers looking to add its capabilities to their own digital signage and interactive kiosk plans.

Edited by Rich Steeves


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