February 27, 2013

FUJITSU TEN Extends HTML5 Technology to In-Car Devices

This week at Mobile World Congress (NewsAlert) in Barcelona, Spain, FUJITSU TEN Ltd., a FUJITSU Group company, unveiled its next-generation in-car device utilizing emerging Web technology  HTML5.In fact, a prototype model of the in-car device is currently being exhibited in the FUJITSU booth at the mobile show.

Currently, implementation of Web applications using HTML5 is making progress in the smartphones, tablets and PC spaces. Consequently, the in-car device industry is also considering adoption of HTML5 to keep pace with the rapidly growing mobile trend, according to company officials.  

FUJITSU TEN believes that years of experience in developing in-car devices and applications enabled the company to successfully develop a prototype of in-car application device using HTML5.

The latest design and operability of rapidly progressing smartphones and tablets are attained timely in the in-car device. Plus, it ensures that different variations can be easily utilized for cooperated application with automobile-specific peripherals like on-board cameras. A specific example is a camera utilization service such as augmented reality (AR) navigation. Also, the developer said that the in-car device can be used for remote operation applications like an operator service because it can provide easy communication between the in-car device and external terminal.

Similarly, smartphone functions (phone, e-mail, address book, music, video, pictures, etc.) can be easily powered by the in-car device (Incorporation with KDDI (NewsAlert) Corp., KDDI R&B Labs).  Furthermore, the developer stated that utilizing the know-how of in-car device development, the latest and high performance applications can be used with safety and security by exploiting vehicle information such as automobile’s speed.

Recently, the company introduced a car navigation system called ECLIPSE with an extra large monitor size that fits in 17 different Honda (NewsAlert), Toyota and Nissan car models. In addition, it offers improved viewability and improved traffic recognition and warning capabilities.

Edited by Jamie Epstein


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