February 28, 2013

Eyepartner’s HD Broadcasting Platform to Feature Digital Signage

Eyepartner recently announced that TikiLIVE, the company’s HD broadcasting platform, will now feature Digital Signage. By featuring Digital Signage in the TikiLIVE HTML5 Set-Top Box (NewsAlert), Eyepartner has provided advertisers with numerous options for promoting their products and services.  

Eyepartner is a software development and hosting company specializing in rich media enterprise broadcasting software. In a statement, Tim Green, CTO of Eyepartner, said that, "With this technology, advertisers have unlimited options through multiple channels. Advertisers can promote feature films or food operators can program digital menu boards to motivate sales or display information. All users have to do to update their Digital Signage is a simple upload."

Using Digital Signage, small businesses can cost-effectively and easily advertise products, services, films and channels on their set-top box. TikiLIVE’s Channel Manager quickly and easily loops signage video and ingests ads making it easy for broadcasters to organize multiple streaming channels for different kinds of content to multiple locations. Mounting is easy with the Wi-Fi enabled set-top box which can be displayed at any location. Designed with robust connectivity to the internet, the TikiLIVE HTML5 Set-Top Box has been designed as a customizable delivery platform, capable of delivering a cost-effective IPTV solution.

The TikiLIVE HTML 5 Set-Top Box comes with an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) and Channel Manager in a small frame, 1" by 3", and is compatible with most CDNs. The administrator’s dashboard supports easy manageability of all subscribers. Prices and royalty fees can be quickly set by broadcasters for a wide number of channel subscription packages. Because the set-top box can be white-labeled, brand presence is optimized, while the HTML5 capability makes accessing a greater number of channels easy for users.  

Highlighting capabilities of the TikiLIVE’s broadcasting platform include simplified brand connectivity, optimized management, and monetization of HD content; faster tracking of viewer habits and easy click-thru real- time statistics from every channel; easy and quick uploading, storing and managing networks of SD and HD digital video inventory; creation of a robust interactive broadcasting network community; supports production of LIVE or on-demand delivery services; and easy uploading, transcoding and deliver HD or SD video on demand.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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