March 01, 2013

WeejeeLearning Tackles Mobile Market with Launch of New HTML5 Framework

Global provider of custom e-learning solutions, WeejeeLearning, recently created an HTML5 framework for the purpose of creating browser-based mobile learning solutions. Based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the framework enables Weejee to better reach learners across new channels and devices efficiently.

The company also plans to include Tin Can API statements — also known as the Experience API and developed by Rustici Software — in the framework, which can be reported to any Learning Record Store (LRS) and provide detailed learner activity data from any domain or environment.

This framework is a major step toward fully embracing HTML5, which goes back to the choice by Weejee to embrace the language over native apps made in 2011.

Since that time, the company has completed 75 percent of its projects with HTML and HTML5.

“We’re no longer overly cautious about HTML5,” said Tracy Bissette, Weejee’s chief learning architect and cofounder, in a statement. “We got an early start with it, and we’ve made a lot of progress toward closing the gap between what can be done with HTML5 and what can be done with Flash. There’s still ways to go, but day by day we’re seeing richer and richer HTML5 experiences.”

Weejee principal and cofounder, Ian Huackabee, went on to add that the company spent a lot of time keeping up on which HTML5 Web apps and CSS3 selectors worked in what browsers and devices. As such, the Weejee framework builds on the stable elements of HTML5 that have been put up for recommendation by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C (NewsAlert)).

All of the framework’s components have also been tested for browser and OS compatibility issues, with many even configured for older browsers.

Earlier this year, WeejeeLearning was selected by three NGOs to provide creative training solutions to worldwide staff and constituencies. These NGOs included a global environmental agency, an international humanitarian agency and a public health and development organization.

Edited by Braden Becker


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