March 02, 2013

TMCnet HTML5 Week in Review

Since Mobile World Congress (NewsAlert) was this week, there was plenty of activity in the HTML5 space. Here are some of the top stories from TMCnet.

First up, TMCnet contributing writer Steve Anderson examined the state of HTML5 gaming, pointing out that since the W3C (NewsAlert) is planning to release the finished spec for HTML5 in July 2014, developers have some time to figure out how to use the language. However, some companies seem keen to begin HTML5 game development even sooner.

In particular, a company called Ludei attended MWC 2013 claiming to have 3,000 developers on its platform after just a year. However, Ludei’s vice president of engineering, Iker Jamardo, pointed to the issue of cross-platform compatibility still holding HTML5 back, particularly in terms of mobile browsers.

Next, Oracle released its latest version of NetBeans, an integrated development environment for creating Web apps in Java. NetBeans 7.3 features more of an HTML5 slant, though, as it aims to make it easier to create user interfaces based on the language for both mobile and Web applications.

As such, developers will be able to include common JavaScript frameworks – such as Backbone and jQuery — into their apps. Furthermore, NetBeans 7.3 features a brand new wizard capable of generating JavaScript client code for gaining admission to a server’s Java-based REST services.

Meanwhile, Brightcove, which has been investing in HTML5 for some time, announced the release of a comprehensive monetization solution for HTML5 video. This includes support for VAST-compliant ads and a new HTML5 video player API, as well as video plug-in support for leading ad servers such as FreeWheel and Google (News Alert).

“We are committed to helping our media customers future-proof their online video advertising initiatives and ensure they can consistently and reliably reach their audiences and generate the most revenue,” said Chris Johnston, vice president, digital media solutions, Brightcove.

In other news, free HTML5 Web publishing platform Wix announced that 1.5 million third-party Web apps have been installed from the Wix App Market since its October launch. This means Wix users have installed 16,000 apps per day on average, with only 75 apps available from the market to date.

As such, each app was installed about 7,000 times each month.

Lastly, WeejeeLearning created an HTML5 framework to be used for creating browser-based mobile learning solutions. Ultimately, the company hopes to reach learners across new channels and devices leveraging the flexibility of the language. Weejee has been moving toward fully embracing HTML5 since 2011. In fact, since that time, it has completed 75 percent of its projects entirely with HTML and HTML5.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check out the HTML5 Report main page for more news in this space.


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