March 04, 2013

HTML5 is More Than Hype

Kendo UI recently released the results of its most current Global Developer Survey, which has more than 5,000 developers, CIOs and technology executives voice their opinions about HTML5, including such topics as adoption versus hype and platform preferences. Overall, the results seem to be a mixed bag across the board, but they also reveal a trend toward greater HTML5 adoption in the future.

In 2012, half of those surveyed said they developed a variety of apps using HTML5, while nine out of 10 plan to use HTML5 in 2013. A mere 15 percent said they would stick to "native-only" development.

In terms of mobile platforms, Microsoft (News Alert) and Google seemed to be considered the most HTML5-friendly, with Windows 8 and Android being identified as the most easy to develop for. However, Windows 8 beat out Android by almost two to one in terms of ease of use for developers. Meanwhile, BlackBerry and Apple’s (News Alert) iOS were identified as the most difficult platforms to work with for app development.

In terms of sheer interest, Windows 8 wins again with 66 percent of respondents indentifying it as the most interesting new OS, followed by Chrome OS with 47 percent, while BlackBerry (News Alert) 10 and Tizen OS garnered the least interest with 13 and eight percent, respectively.

"There have been many predictions around what the future for HTML5 will or will not be for app development — especially in mobile," said Todd Anglin, executive vice president of Cross Platform Tools & Services at Telerik, in a statement. "To put some solid evidence around the widely varying opinions, we surveyed developers and IT executives using HTML5 technology, and heard across the board that there is growing adoption and interest in HTML5 for desktop, mobile web and hybrid apps."

This report from Kendo UI builds on the Fall 2012 Global Developer Survey to determine where exactly HTML5 stands with developers today. All in all, it seems that the language is gaining more acceptance with only 24 percent of respondents calling it over hyped, while 82 percent felt HTML5 would be important to their jobs over the next year.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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