March 04, 2013

Uberflip Whitepaper Addresses Rise of HTML5 within Publishing, Marketing Markets

Uberflip recently announced the release of a whitepaper which discusses the rising popularity of HTML5 within publishing and marketing industries. The Toronto-based content marketing company highlighted a number of leading organizations across the globe that are reaping the benefits of HTML5 technology.

The whitepaper also projects the role of HTML5 in websites and app development in the coming three years.  

In a statement, Neil Bhapkar, Director of Marketing at Uberflip, said that, “HTML5 lets marketers seamlessly distribute content across different devices, and gives readers an app-like user experience through the browser. In a world that’s increasingly device agnostic with many different screen sizes, trends such as responsive design, cross-platform content, and HTML5 will keep brands competitive. Marketers need to drive this within their organizations.”

Highlights of the whitepaper revealed that as browser-based technology, HTML5 Web apps once built will be compatible with almost any device, and that close to 75 percent of browsers currently support this programming language. Similar to native apps, HTML5 apps provide a similar level of interactivity and display app-like behavior.

Presently, close to 50 percent developers use HTML5, and the technology is expected to grow to 80 percent in the next three years.

Uberflip is an expert within the interactive marketing and digital publishing software industries. The company simplifies and improves the sharing and tracking of content on tablets and other devices. Documents can be converted into page turn experiences almost immediately and support the use of links, videos and social media integration to deliver an optimized user experience.

The company has also designed its page flip software with the aim of providing substantial savings in costs for its customers, and enables them to benefit from new marketing channels.

Since 2008, customers of the company have been converting magazines, flyers, catalogs, brochures, corporate documents, textbooks and newspapers from traditional print into branded digital editions.

Edited by Braden Becker


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