March 07, 2013

PhotoBiz Offers Additional HTML5 Portfolio Site Designs

PhotoBiz is a managed website solutions company that designs and hosts websites, blogs and e-commerce offerings. Its customers include photographers, creative professionals and small businesses.

In recent news, PhotoBiz has announced it is offering more HTML5 Portfolio Site designs. They include new designs (named after famous beaches) and FLASH+ designs reproduced in HTML5.

"Our HTML5 Portfolio Site collection has given our clients the easiest, most flexible, and customizable website solution to showcase their portfolio, on any device that can browse the internet. The same branding across all platforms is essential for any successful business and the PhotoBiz HTML5 Portfolio Site designs provide that," PhotoBiz’s John Krazmien said in a recent statement carried by Art Broadway World.

The new HTML5 Portfolio Site is full of options. Burrow Beach, for example, features a straight border to frame images. Tulum features shadowed bars at the top and bottom of a full-frame page. Stone Beach includes "pebbles" in each corner of a thick border that frames the images.

Maroma has bars which frame the top and bottom of the image.

There is also Cape Hope, which features a broad border with small squares in the corners. Maya Bay features a background bar. Black Sand features two broad vertical bars at either side of the image. Bondi Beach features animation and shows the strengths of HTML5.

Bainbridge Beach merges the design of Maroma and the navigation and layout of Black Sand. Long Beach has a graffiti look, which calls attention to the images. 

And Ramla Bay features a custom background.

In addition, Pigeon Point lets a logo display in the top left corner. Pamplona has clean lines and thin borders. San Marino has a double gradient. Charleston captures the classic elegance of the city, after which it is named. Mumbai has thick color bars on the left and right side to frame images, and Nova Scotia has simplistic animation and an easy-to-use layout.

And Bora Bora features borders that conform to the image size.

Edited by Braden Becker


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