March 11, 2013

CSS3 Brings Graphic Greatness

If you have been looking to add a little something to your presentations or Web pages then you have probably heard your CIO talk about the use of CSS3. This programming language is used in quite a lot of places for quite a lot of different things, but people who aren’t computer experts may not really know what sort of uses the language comes in handy for.

CSS3 comes into play big time in major sporting events. CSS3 was used in Olympic swim competitions. Those banners that you always see over the top of the pool that show who the swimmers are and where they come from are obviously not there in real life. CSS3 has most likely been used to put the graphic over the top of the image so that it simply looks like each swimmer’s lane is decked out with their own personal flag with their name on it.

The same kinds of “virtual graphics” are used in sports like football, where CSS (NewsAlert) graphics are used to illustrate where the line of scrimmage is. By using special graphics engines that are built on top of HTML5 programming along with the CSS3 property known as “perspective,” it becomes that much easier to overlay the graphics onto a live scene.

By using this particular technology, businesses can find quite a few different uses in video chats or video meetings in particular. Find the right kind of CSS3 integration and a user can put together a presentation that will absolutely blow clients out of the water.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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