March 15, 2013

Zamboanga City Gets Community Meetup on Benefits of Mobile

Reports have emerged that Globe Telecom and Mozilla (NewsAlert) PH will be hitting Zamboanga City in the Philippines as part of a community meet-up to show off the benefits of mobile and open source technologies.

The event is set to take place March 16 at the E-Learning Centre’s 3F ZGU-II Building, along Gov. Alvarez St, and provide a rundown of a variety of mobile products with a special focus on Firefox.

The Zamboanga City event, called "Zamboanga Goes Mobile, Open Source (NewsAlert) Style," is geared toward giving people – especially those interested in Web development – a bit of education on how one major chunk of the mobile Web works. Additionally, there’s the opportunity for networking with programmers of all experience levels, and the ability to take the ideas that people had going into this – or that came out of this event – to a new level with promotion opportunities, and, in general, the ability to have them examined more closely by their peers.

Meanwhile, the event is focusing on Firefox tools – Firefox for Android (NewsAlert), Firefox OS and Firefox Marketplace in particular – and seems to be taking note of these tools thanks to their special features, like the use of HTML5, similar open Web standards, and a relative freedom from the rules imposed by other proprietary platforms, improving accessibility to outside development like that of those who would be attending the Zamboanga City event.

The folks behind the Zamboanga City event, Globe Telecom (NewsAlert) and Mozilla PH, seem to have a particular interest in the technology themselves. Globe Telecom’s Globe Labs has reportedly been supporting open source with several other events as well, like Manila’s Software Freedom Day.

Mozilla PH, meanwhile, is a Mozilla-supported community project in the Philippines, geared toward spreading awareness and use of open-source tools through a variety of methods, including localization of software and social events just like this one.

The growth of the Web in general since its creation – and in particular the mobile Web, which has been growing by leaps and bounds over the course of the last few years – is naturally driving a lot of change to accompany it. It’s clear and fortunate that the people of the Philippines are out to take advantage of these new developments in the field through social events and gatherings, which encourage development with these still relatively new technologies.

With people discussing ideas, there often comes refinement of these ideas, and that improves the overall picture in a way many wouldn’t consider, and most likely wouldn’t find alone.

What will come out of events like these? Only time will tell, but it’s clear that the people of the Philippines are thinking mobile when it comes to their collective future online.

Edited by Braden Becker


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