March 18, 2013

Samsung Chromebooks Can Now Access Netflix through HTML5

If Chromebook users have had one complaint over the years, it’s that they had problems viewing Netflix. Finally, the service has recognized this issue and is integrating with an HTML5 application in order to get Netflix to even more Internet users.

The Samsung (NewsAlert) Chromebooks do not have access to the Microsoft Silverlight software, which is why users of those netbooks weren’t able to watch their favorite Netflix programs.

By using HTML5 streaming, the service is actually making itself that much more accessible by more devices moving forward. If there’s one thing you can say about Netflix, it’s that the firm understands that technology is moving faster than anyone could have anticipated, especially when it comes to Internet streaming.

The company also announced recently that it believes the service will be able to stream on 4K within the next two years. Samsung Chromebook users will be happy to find that there aren’t going to be any extra hoops to jump through when it comes to watching Netflix on their devices either – always a plus for users and the producers of those netbooks alike.

People are less likely to go out and get a device they have to “work at” in order to get services that are natively available on other devices.

If there’s any bad news to come out of this report, it’s that Netflix seems to still like Microsoft (News Alert) Silverlight a little too much. While it will be offering the new way to watch the service on the Chromebook, the company has said it will be leaning on Silverlight, at least for now on other platforms such as Mac and Windows computers.

On more traditional platforms, they won’t be bringing the service through an HTML5 driver.

Edited by Braden Becker


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