March 21, 2013

Kendo UI Adds PHP and JSP Server Wrappers, Supports Windows Phone 8

Software and tools provider Telerik has released a new version of Kendo UI, a front-end framework for building HTML/JavaScript websites and mobile apps. The new release adds PHP and JSP server wrappers and also supports the Windows Phone (NewsAlert) 8. As a result, according to Telerik, Kendo UI becomes the most enterprise-ready offering that provides developers, who may used to programming in server-side languages, an easy on-ramp to HTML5.

Kendo UI can now enable developers to deliver mobile Web and hybrid mobile apps across the four major mobile platforms: iOS, Android (NewsAlert), BlackBerry and now Windows Phone 8.. In addition, the new release also adds single page applications (SPA) support, new charts and widgets.

Telerik also introduced for the first time Kendo UI Labs, where developers can incubate open source integrations with AngularJS and BreezeJS.The company claims that Kendo UI is now the only front-end framework to offer server-side wrappers for ASP.NET (News Alert), PHP and JSP, thus providing a wide range of developers new to HTML5 with a smooth on-ramp, using familiar server-side programming languages. The release also delivers the newest Web and DataViz (NewsAlert) UI widgets since the original Kendo UI release in November 2011.

A recent Global Developer Survey reveals that Kendo UI has broad HTML5 support, with 90 percent of more than 5,000 surveyed app developers and IT decision makers saying they will develop apps using HTML5 in 2013. This emphasizes the immediate market need for a comprehensive framework like Kendo UI.

In a statement, Todd Anglin, EVP of Cross-Platform Tools & Services at Telerik, said, “HTML5 is the holy grail of app development, with the biggest tech and business players jumping in to take advantage of the flexibility and productivity inherent in platform independent development.” “Kendo UI channels developers’ HTML wish list into one framework, enabling them to leverage either JavaScript or familiar server-side programming to deliver rich, web and hybrid mobile apps that run across all of the major platforms.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein


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