March 22, 2013

IGC: Brava! HTML5 Viewer Now Available for the Apple iPad

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) is a privately held firm founded in 1990, which is a supplier of viewing and collaboration software. They are a provider in virtually every industry.

One of the products, which came out in September of last year, is the Brava! Enterprise HTML 5 Viewer, a solution allowing users on any platform and Web browser to securely view and collaborate with each other and interact effortlessly on office and PDF documents, image files (i.e., TIFF, GIF and JPG) and/or CAD drawings.

On Thursday, March 21, IGC announced that its Brava HTML 5 Viewer now has iPad functionality—that’s right, users can enjoy the same features anytime, anywhere to view, compare and discuss work or projects while on the go.

The Apple (News Alert) iPad tablet capability offers easy access for mobile users to visualize, annotate, redact and publish any file format in a single, simple “streamlined interface that provides a touch-enabled, finger-friendly experience.”

As pointed out by IGC president and CEO Gary Heath, having the Brava HTML 5 Viewer as a standalone, Windows desktop application, Brava! Desktop, offered as a web-delivered client, Brava! Enterprise, and now availability for iPad users, makes it that more possible to work safely and securely together on content with no need to install a bunch of native applications on multiple systems—which leads to cost-savings and a high return of investment (ROI).

That makes three flexible customization options for users to decide what environment they want to use for this viewing/collaboration/annotation tool.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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