March 26, 2013

365 Command Simplifies Office 365 Administration for 1,000 Companies Around the World, a spinoff of Florida-based systems integrator, Champion Solutions Group, has introduced 365 Command, a platform that makes mail administration tasks faster and easier than ever.

Office 365 administration typically requires specialized skills and the use of time-consuming and complicated scripting. According to its maker, 365 Command has been developed as a hosted service to simplify common Office 365 administrative tasks. This easy-to-use, Web-based platform provides the Office 365 admins with an effective tool to manage some 520,000 mailboxes with point-and-click ease.

With 365 Command, anyone can now perform common Office 365 administrative tasks without complicated PowerShell scripting, which almost inevitably involves syntax errors.

365 Command saves the IT department from wasting time in finding those errors and addressing the problem ‘longhand.’ The portal’s HTML5 graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to easily navigate and quickly change mailbox settings. It allows the admin to monitor usage and report, perform password resets, conduct audits and change permissions and sharing options – giving them more control over their Office 365 environment.

No wonder enterprises are turning to this Web-based management portal to manage their mailboxes; according to MessageOp, more than 1,000 companies now rely on 365 Command to save time, money and get the most out of their Office 365 investment.

A hosted service, 365 Command replaces the command line interface of Windows PowerShell with a rich, HTML5 GUI that is easy to navigate and makes quick work of changing mailbox settings, monitoring usage, and reporting. 365 Command scales elegantly to support a virtually unlimited number of seats for the easy administration of any size Office 365 environment.

“Admins from all industries and companies of all sizes are taking advantage of 365 Command to gain control of their Office 365 environment. 365 Command brings unprecedented ease of use to the Office 365 platform with the stringent security controls that deliver the performance, security and management ease that world-class business email requires,” said Chris Pyle at MessageOps.

Moreover, 365 Command opens up new revenue streams for managed service providers by providing them with an efficient, cost-effective way to add Office 365 admin to their list of services.

“365 Command has allowed us to easily manage Office 365 for our clients from a single, user-friendly console. In a few clicks, we are able to reset passwords, see quotas, view usage reports and manage distribution groups, among other things, and the ongoing development roadmap looks even better. As an IT service provider with many clients using Office 365, the ‘single pane of glass’ from which we can manage all of our clients’ accounts is a huge time-saver for us,” Jeff Anderson at Bulletproof IT, a full-service IT solutions firm in the Calgary area, noted in statement.

Chad Mosman, a former Microsoft (News Alert) employee and seasoned IT troubleshooter, founded MessageOps in 2009 with one mission: to assist clients with their Microsoft Online migration. The company’s mission No. 2 came with the territory – developing free, downloadable software to enhance clients’ cloud experiences.

The firm’s unique approach to cloud computing has earned it a good deal of success and attention from the marketplace.

365 Command’s success has earned MessageOps’ parent company, Champion Solutions Group, several industry accolades. Recently, it was named 365 Command’s CRN Cloud Computing Superstar.

Edited by Braden Becker


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