March 26, 2013

MyEclipse 2013 Brings New and Legacy Apps to Any Mobile Device

Genuitec, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, in partnership with IBM (News Alert), has released the Enterprise Anywhere edition – MyEclipse 2013 – with new mobile capabilities that bring new and legacy apps to any mobile device.

Thanks to the new mobile tools incorporated in MyEclipse 2013, customers can build and deploy mobile apps for popular devices while turning legacy applications mobile, according to company officials. These tools are built on the Eclipse platform, so they’re available to tens of millions of developers around the world.

Developers can now design and implement past and present apps for Android, iPhone (NewsAlert), iPod and iPad devices. MyEclipse 2013 mobile tools support also gives developers the power of HTML5 while using the open-source Cordova/PhoneGap frameworks to support all PhoneGap APIs.

“I’m excited about MyEclipse 2013 as we introduce HTML5 development tools for mobile and Web client apps. HTML5 is a central technology of the future for the enterprise,” said Wayne Parrott, vice president of new products at Genuitec.

Developers can add and remove different components from MyEclipse in a more simplified manner. They can also access and install software from proprietary tools libraries and/or public Eclipse marketplaces.

Further, the software allows for the sharing of profiles and configurations, and license management including the ability to activate MyEclipse behind your firewall.

In addition to these, the mobile tools also include an App Center Builder, which helps them package apps to the cloud for testing with a Cordova. An additional HTML5 visual designer allows developers to utilize one-click technology to design once with a single code base and configure apps for Android (NewsAlert) and iOS platforms.

MyEclipse 2013 mobile tools will use Google App Engine for cloud-based app building and distribution as well.

MyEclipse development team has also made it even easier to migrate projects from RAD (IBM Rational tools), simplifying the switch between WebSphere versions. MyEclipse 2013 is a fast and lightweight alternative to RAD, supporting the deployment of all project types in a variety of modes seamlessly.

MyEclipse 2013 boasts a lightweight feel as it does not have the configuration center for individual users. For MyEclipse Secure 2013 customers, the configuration center has been replaced by Genuitec’s Secure Delivery Center (SDC).

Edited by Braden Becker


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