March 26, 2013

Ludei Enhances HTML5 Game Development Platform with 3D Support for all Mobile Devices

Ludei, an HTML5 platform provider for mobile game developers, has enhanced its game development platform with 3D support. This enables developers to deliver WebGL 3D games to any type of mobile device.

A game technology company, Ludei offers developers tools to quickly and easily develop, optimize and distribute HTML5-based games. Ludei’s HTML5 platform powers over 200 iOS and Android (NewsAlert) game titles.

Ludei’s mobile games include iBasket, Sumon and Slide Soccer.

Eneko Knorr, CEO at Ludei said, “We’ve already made HTML5 cross-platform 2D game development a reality. Now we are unlocking the door for the thousands of Web game developers who want to publish great 3D games on mobile and reach consumers through the most popular app stores.”

“Our 3D rendering allows today’s most popular mobile devices to run a 3D HTML5 game with the same great user experience and performance that native gamers are used to,” Knorr added.

According to officials, Ludei will support 3D game development using the open WebGL standard, which is a browser equivalent of OpenGL – required for deploying powerful 3D animated games.

The 3D rendering feature, now available on the Ludei platform, ensures that WebGL will run on every iOS and Android device. This gives developers ample freedom as they need not bother about whether or not devices will have built-in 3D support.

3D game developers, as well as those who generally publish console and PC games, can now leverage Ludei’s technology to develop and release 3D titles cross-platform to Google Play, Apple (News Alert) App Store and others.

Also, said officials, developers who use Ludei’s technology can build, accelerate, test and deploy their 2D and 3D HTML5 projects, to both native and Web app stores. The platforms that support the offerings include the Apple App Store, Google (News Alert) Play, the Amazon Nook, Chrome and Firefox OS, Pokki and Intel AppUp.

In August 2012, Ludei launched its Beta Cloud Compiler, which claims to offer support for any HTML5 Web app – not just games.

The Ludei Platform included Cocoons, CAAT, the Cloud Compiler, and Launcher for iOS and Android.

Edited by Braden Becker


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