March 27, 2013

Synacor’s Steve Davi to Discuss Using HTML5 Standards to Overcome Fragmentation at DevCon5

Mobile fragmentation (different operating systems, device types and architectures) is creating challenges for application developers. Making applications work across these different kinds of devices and systems is a goal for OS providers.

Steve Davi, senior vice president of software engineering at Synacor (NewsAlert), a provider of a cloud-based, multidevice platform delivering TV Everywhere, movies, games, music, sports, news, e-mail services and more to tens of millions of customers across multiple connected devices on behalf of cable, satellite, telecom and consumer electronics companies, will deliver a keynote presentation at DevCon5 in July on using standards to overcome fragmentation. DevCon5 is an HTML5 conference for developers to learn, network and discuss the capabilities of HTML5, happening July 24-25 at the Kimmel Center in NYC.

 “In today’s world, the consumer has the ability to watch whatever content they want, whenever they want, wherever they want,” Davi said. “The problem is that ability causes content and application fragmentation; i.e., the consumers aren’t sure where the content is that they want to watch, what application is needed to watch that content, or what identity they need to provide for that application. Part of the problem is that the technologies necessary to deliver the video and applications is fragmented as well. There are a plethora of delivery mechanisms, delivery formats, protection schemes, and end user devices that create a multitude of solutions.”

To solve this content, application, and fragmentation problem, Davi said the industry needs to develop standards within HTML5 that allow applications to be built once and deployed on many devices in many situations. To support that, HTML5 must handle processing multiple video formats, deal with native DRM and video player support, support deep connections between applications, and authentication across multiple systems.

“I’m a big proponent of HTML5, but HTML5 won’t significantly address the technology side of fragmentation either until everybody implements HTML5 to the same level on these new devices,” explained Rob Chandhok, Fast Company, in an article. “This is something we’re just getting to on the desktop, but we’re not yet there in mobile. We need to deepen the functional capabilities of HTML5 in mobile while pushing for this increased functionality to be implemented in a fully standard manner. Without this, you end up no better off in HTML5 than in any other runtime environment.

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C (NewsAlert)) completed the HTML5 specification in December last year, giving businesses and developers a stable target to code for. The final phase in the process will involve the specification becoming a recommendation in 2014. Until then, HTML5 will undergo a period of interoperability and performance testing.

“Because of Synacor’s experience in integrating the online solution with Cablecos broadcast and on demand systems, they view solving fragmentation issues as a top priority for the industry,” said Carl Ford (NewsAlert), CEO of Crossfire Media and Executive Director Devcon5 Content and Community. “Developing standards within HTML5 is key to solving many of these issues, and we look forward to hearing more about the solutions Steve Davi and Synacor are proposing.”

Davi’s session, “Mobilizing the Change Vision for TV,” will be held on Wednesday, July 24 at 9:30 a.m. Click here to learn more.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli


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