March 30, 2013

TMCnet HTML5 Week in Review

Just as winter slowly changes into spring, old platforms like Flash are gradually giving way to HTML5. Let’s review the latest HTML5 news that TMCnet reported to you this week.

Champion Solutions Group spinoff has developed an Office 365 administrative solution called Command 365. Administering Office 365 typically requires specialized skills like PowerCell scripting, but Command 365 enables the management of up to 520,000 e-mail inboxes with the simplicity of pointing and clicking.

Command 365 is a hosted service that utilizes an HTML5 graphic interface. This interface lets admins quickly change mailbox settings, monitor usage, generate reports and perform other typical administrative tasks.

Also this week, Genuitec released MyEclipse 2013 to deliver enterprise apps to mobile devices. The platform utilizes HTML5 along with open source PhoneGap/Cordova frameworks, allowing developers to support PhoneGap APIs.

MyEclipse 2013’s App Center Builder allows developers to package apps for the cloud, where they can be tested with a Cordova runtime that can operate multiple Cordova environments. The HTML5 visual designer that is a part of MyEclipse 2013’s mobile tools will configure apps for Android (NewsAlert) and iOS, while allowing developers to use single-click technology and a single code base for designs.

Moving from enterprise apps to mobile gaming, Ludei souped up its mobile game development platform to offer 3D support. This update means that Web developers can create WebGL 3D games to any mobile device thanks to HTML5.

WebGL is the browser equivalent of OpenGL, a powerful platform for deploying animated 3D games.

In the advertising sphere, Liqwid added dayparting functionality to its online ad platform. The company, which creates cross-website ad campaigns utilizing an HTML5 ad unit, will allow marketers to segment their target audiences based on which parts of the day are most likely to attract certain demographics.

Finally, Steve Davi, Synacor’s (NewsAlert) senior VP of software engineering, will deliver a keynote speech at DevCon5 to talk about strategies for overcoming mobile fragmentation. He will discuss how the importance of building HTML5 standards will allow applications to be built once and then deployed across multiple operating systems and devices.

That does it for news from the HTML5 Report this week. Enjoy the beginnings of spring, and check back daily for the latest HTML5 news from TMCnet.


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