April 01, 2013

Verivo Software Equips Enterprise Mobility Platform with Hybrid Browser Control for iOS and Android

Verivo Software, a provider of solutions for accelerating business results for enterprises, recently unveiled that version 7.5 of its enterprise mobility platform will feature a Hybrid Browser Control for iOS and Android (NewsAlert). The move is to showcase the company’s commitment to open standards and deliver on its HTML5 strategy and roadmap.

By leveraging the latest release, developers can easily design mobile apps over native and HTML5 content with enhanced flexibility.

Arny Epstein, CTO at Verivo Software, commented, “To leverage the growing popularity of mobility within the enterprise, an open platform that allows IT teams and third party developers to create apps using native and HTML5 capabilities is essential to a company’s success. By using the Hybrid Browser Control businesses can now make better use of HTML5 and native content to create more interactive apps, while harnessing the platform’s back-end integration, app management and security features.”

With its integrated development environment, users can build native and hybrid mobile apps much faster and integrate data from unlimited systems and sources. The enterprise mobility platform’s new Browser Control functionality enables developers to incorporate HTML5 content and JavaScript into mobile apps along with native components, creating fully-customized hybrid mobile apps with exceptional flexibility and speed.

With the new ability to mirror data, events and multitouch gestures between native and HTML5 Web content, users will be creating a real hybrid experience. The latest version also lets developers to safely access Verivo’s new JavaScript APIs to read and write from back-end data sources.

With the new Hybrid Browser Control one can interact with native app components, trigger events from HTML5 content to native apps build with Verivo platform, leverage back-end data integration, access secure communication channel, augment Verivo’s existing mobility platform scripting capabilities with JavaScript to integrate Web content with native app components and more. 

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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