April 01, 2013

Accusoft Releases Zero-Footprint, Thin Client HTML 5 Document Viewer

Top tier vendors have been pretty busy releasing patches to address vulnerabilities in their installed applications; making an even stronger case for security and limiting risks of malware hidden in document files.

Concerned about the increasing frequency of stealthy cyber attacks, Accusoft, a provider of document, content and imaging solutions, released Prizm Content Connect v7, the zero-footprint HTML5 document viewer that  enables employees to view, convert and collaborate on more than 300 file types from within a single, secure program.

By allowing users to focus on a single application, less data transfer is required for viewing content, which in turn translates into less network activity, faster uploads, quicker display and all of this means cost reduction. The HTML5 viewer empowers users to zoom in on content, keeping the quality of the document or image intact.

A great advantage is that the Prizm Content Connect v7 doesn’t require additional plug-ins as it relies on the functionality that is inbuilt in either the browser or Flash. As no additional software is required for viewing, security risks are minimized.

Documents can be viewed in many of today’s browser environments and even thumbnail previews can be generated.

The document viewer can also be embedded into any Web application, allowing all users to embed their documents directly into their Web pages without compromising on integrity and consistency of the document. In addition, content can be printed directly from the HTML 5 viewer.

All rendering, viewing, access and conversion of documents are done within the Prizm Content Connect platform and developers can also enjoy faster and advanced integration into their applications.

Although Prizm Content Connect v7 requires only a simple server-side installation to deliver its benefits, developers will enjoy the wide range of REST API options exposed in the Prizm Content Connect platform that facilitate advanced integration into their applications.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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