April 01, 2013

Snappii to Offer HTML5 Web App Solution

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more dominant, and with them come new applications. HTML5 is a web technology that is raising the bar in Web application development. Snappii, a mobile app development and management platform for businesses, confirmed its plan to offer an HTML5 Web apps solution for all registered users at zero cost.

When apps are developed using the traditional approach, the development cycle is long, slow and costly. That’s because the development team works sequentially and not collaboratively. Using the SnAPPii platform, anyone can create fully-functional, feature-rich mobile apps with no programming knowledge.

The Snappii app builder has a wide range of features, functions that everyone can use in their apps. HTML5 Web apps can also have access to corporate databases and Web services. To develop these apps, Snappii says that there is no need to be a programmer or have any development skills. Snappii team has already made some sample XML connectors that any user can try and figure out how it works. Among these connectors are Salesforce, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Blogger, Vimeo, Currency Rate, Twitter (NewsAlert) and Soundcloud.

HTML5 Web apps users will not have to set up developer accounts with Apple and Google and pay annual fees. The HTML5 apps are available by either scanning a QR code or following a link. HTML5 Web apps can be installed on both iOS and Android (NewsAlert) devices. In case in the future Snappii users decide to submit their apps to Google Play and/or the Apple App Store, they will not have to modify their app and make additional changes to fit platform requirements.

Once HTML5 app is created, Snappii customers can generate iOS and Android Apps with just a click of a button, said the company in a statement. It is easy to make changes to the published app and update its content.

HTML5 Web apps can be installed to devices as apps as well as be opened in the browser. Another cool feature Snappii offers to its users is a code that they receive once the HTML5 app is completed. This code can be placed on a user’s website to detect if a visitor accesses the website from a mobile device and, in this case, redirects such visitors to the HTML5 Web app. Moreover, Snappii MEAP offers flexible app development and testing prior to app submission.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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