April 02, 2013

The Pure HTML5 Platform to be Available for Free

When HTML5 officially becomes a Web standard in 2014, many individuals and organizations will have used this platform to create feature-rich Web applications by then. One company that has used all the capabilities of this platform to create a framework for super-rich interfaces, incredibly beautiful and utilitarian in pure HTML5, is

This framework has garnered so much interest from developers, and established enough hardware vendors, its developers have announced their intent to make the framework available for free, as well as adding a physics engine. was started by Steve Newcomb in 2011 after the company he cofounded, Powerset, was purchased by Microsoft (News Alert) for $100 million. The company was originally designed to create a better Pinterest, but they were not able to experience the one that can deliver using HTML5 at the time.

Using the rendering capability of games, was able to allow developers to use the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) of a computer, smartphones, smart TV or tablets for calculations without the need for plug-ins. With this feature, an interface can be built for speed and with as much richness as a game, with all its possibilities for full interaction with the user.

This framework will create user interfaces for future devices, as well as applications for enterprises with multiple possibilities.

The physics engine will give the framework more possibilities by implementing features that mimic the real world with gravity, mass and drag. Although physics functionalities are generally reserved for gaming applications, adding the physics engine gives many advantages over its competitors.

Although the company has more than 16,000 developers interested, the full release is still not ready. The engine is closed but developers can make templates using the tools as long as they are open source.

Edited by Braden Becker


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