April 08, 2013

Mozilla Working on Better HTML5 Optimization in Latest Firefox for Android Build

Mozilla (NewsAlert) has been busy building as many top-notch browser versions as it possibly can. It wasn’t a week ago that Firefox 20 was released to the general public, and the company is already working on a brand new version.

It appears that this new version of the ultra popular browser will be yet another beta for Firefox for Android (NewsAlert). Among the new features that will apparently be included in this particular build is a packet of custom fonts and better compatibility with HMTL5 optimizations.

This new beta comes with custom open source fonts, Charis and Open Sans, both of which will replace the default Android fonts, as Mozilla believes these new styles are more “visually appealing,” and will give users a more “clear reading experience.”

Mozilla claims the beta has already been worked over by, and found to have earned scores of 411 and 14 bonus points. The top score a solution can receive from these tests is 500.

There are a ton of adjustments the newest version of the Firefox for Android browser version will be able to offer, including some things most people who exist outside the developer world won’t even notice. There are also some other things users will notice have been changed, like a more polished UI based on the Holo theme.

But they won’t know exactly what changed to make the browser look better.

The fonts and the better and quicker optimization for HTML5 are clearly the big wins for those who like to use Firefox on their home browsers as well as their mobile browsers. You can pick up the beta build of this new version in the Google (News Alert) Play store now.

The more stable version of Firefox 21 is expected to be released in early May.

Edited by Braden Becker


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