April 08, 2013

Openwave Messaging Integrates Open-Xchange OX App Suite to offer Advanced Communication Solutions

Messaging and managed services provider, Openwave (NewsAlert) Messaging, has announced that it will extend its partnership with communication and collaboration software provider Open-Xchange.  Under this new partnership, Open-Xchange App Suite will be the primary user interface for Openwave Messaging’s Universal Messaging Suite.

The Universal Messaging Suite is comprised of the Mx Messaging Platform, security solutions, subscriber and identity management, and hosting services. The OX App Suite user interface will be integrated seamlessly with the Universal Messaging Suite backend to provide a central point of access where service providers can brand their messaging offerings.

The OX App Suite launched last year and includes a web desktop portal, and a set of mobile-ready communications tools for managing E-mail, contacts, calendars and media and documents. Developed with HTML 5 and the latest Javascript, OX App Suite integrates data from Facebook (NewsAlert) and LinkedIn and other E-mail services as well, recognizing it as a one-stop shop for online communications.

“Users today are bombarded with a vast array of communications offerings available, such as Facebook, SMS/MMS and email. The lack of a single access point to manage and organize all of those formats often presents a daunting task for them,” said Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange. “Open-Xchange helps to solve this issue by creating a central access point to easily and conveniently communicate, socialize, access friends, organize and share content across devices.”

Now consumers are turning away from convention desktops, as they want to access applications and communications from anywhere, and such trend are driving adoption of solutions like OX App Suite.

Dave Ratner, president and CEO, Openwave Messaging said in a statement that "This announcement is the next step in a strong partnership announced a year and a half ago, Open-Xchange is an industry leader in delivering appealing, high performance, scalable user interfaces. By combining Open-Xchange`s industry-leading front end with our scalable, reliable and secure messaging platform, we can deliver the industry`s most flexible complete messaging solution."



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