April 10, 2013

Collaborative Effort Between Sencha and Rackspace Aimed at Driving Mobile Application Market

Is this a match made in heaven or maybe just in the clouds? Sencha is a company whose application frameworks, tools and cloud services encourage developers to create high quality applications based on Web standards. The interesting thing is that these apps can run on virtually any device, platform and browser. On the other hand, Sencha has been building a reputation as a leader in HTML5 development since 2008.

Rackspace (NewsAlert) is a company that delivers enterprise hosting services to businesses of all sizes and types worldwide. The support that it offers when you sign up with the company has made it a service leader in cloud computing. It is called Fanatical Support, and just as the name states, it happens anytime, anywhere and any way imaginable. The company has no excuses, no exceptions, and boasts a can do way of thinking that you have to admit is refreshing.

Put a leader in HTML5 development for mobile and desktop applications with a company that has a leadership role in open cloud solutions and you have a pretty significant announcement. On April 9, 2013 Sencha revealed that it has joined forces with Rackspace Hosting (NewsAlert). The goal of this collaboration is to make it even easier for developers to build and deploy powerful mobile apps.

Sencha Touch is Sencha’s HTML5 mobile application framework. It enables developers to build fast and powerful business apps. The beauty is that these apps not only work on every leading mobile platform but also on every device. This includes BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone (NewsAlert) 8, Google Android and Apple iOS.

Through this collaboration, Sencha will be forming strategic partnerships that will bring together some of the best-in-class solutions to make it easier for developers to design, build, test, deploy and scale mobile applications on Rackspace’s open cloud. Basically. you are getting your cake and eating it too!

Paul Kopacki, vice president of Marketing at Sencha said, “More than two million developers code with Sencha today as our frameworks, tools and services let them easily build powerful HTML5 applications that optimally perform on every device, platform or screen. Rackspace’s open cloud stacks make hosting these applications practically frictionless for developers, and is perfectly in line with our open standards approach to application development.”

This statement was followed by Rackspace’s CTO, John Engates, who added,  “The continued growth and expansion of the mobile market has created a real need to streamline the development of powerful and useful applications. Our mobile ecosystem initiative is greatly strengthened by aligning efforts with an open source partner like Sencha, which provides best-in-class development frameworks and tools while reducing complexity for HTML5 app creation.”

Rackspace is proud to be a sponsor of SenchaCon 2013, a conference that brings together over 1,000 HTML5 and mobile app developers together. It will take place over the summer in Florida.

Edited by Jamie Epstein


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