April 12, 2013

HTML5 Puzzle RPG CrossCode Considered for Nintendo Platforms

I may be showing my age here, but the first computer game that I ever played was in the early 1980s. No visuals, just written commands like pick up axe and hit troll with axe. We’ve come a very long way since then. Now-a-days you need a separate computer with enough memory and screen resolution just to play a video game.

Radical Fish Games is a small group of game developers who believe that the devil is in the detail. They are quoted as saying, “We rather choose simple graphics and game concepts and max out everything else; good level design, polished controls, high quality assets, many animations and lots of love.”

The game that Radical Fish Games developed is CrossCode. It is a puzzle, action Roll Playing Game (RPG) written in HTML5. Croscode uses a retro style 2D graphics screen. Yes you read it right, 2D! The theme of the game is very simple and something that everyone can not only get behind, but enjoy tremendously. The theme is to “throw energy balls at everything.”

The concept is again simple, you solve challenging puzzles, defeat many (and then some) enemies and master some epic boss fights. Basically, you interact with all of your surroundings. According to Radical Fish Games, all of this gets delivered as a plot-driven action-RPG.

If you want to take a demo run at it, you can click here.

In an interview, Radical Fish Games expressed an interest in bringing the concept to Nintendo platforms. If they do, Nintendo Wii U will be the likeliest candidate considering the availability and ease of scaling projects using the Nintendo Web Framework.

If you go to the demo, you will see that it is truly a 2D game. Even at high resolution the characters are flat and in true 2D fashion. However, it is fun to just keep shooting at everything and try to figure out how to ricochet your shots off of objects.

Before Radical Fish Games goes any further, they are committed to finishing the PC browser version first and then they will move on to other gaming options.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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