April 12, 2013

2X Software Enables Access to Windows Desktops and Applications from Any HTML5 Browser

2X (NewsAlert) Software, a provider of virtual desktop and application delivery solutions, has released the beta version of the 2X HTML5 Gateway client that allows users to access Microsoft (News Alert) Windows desktops and applications from any HTML5 enabled browser.

The gateway is built only on HTML5 technologies, making it fast, stable and 100 percent device independent alternative to native clients, the company said.

The 2X HTML5 Gateway (News Alert) can be used with 2X ApplicationServer XG version 10.5 or higher to enable connections from any HTML5 enabled browser. It enables users to connect directly to their remote desktops and applications from their browser – Chrome, Safari, Windows Explorer or Mozilla (NewsAlert) Firefox—anytime anywhere.

According to Paul Gafa, CTO, 2X Software, the 2X HTML5 Gateway client offers real-time connectivity of a standard client, which is not common when it comes to HTML5 technology, offering higher scalability and less resource utilization on the server.

“All this, combined with a higher level of security, makes accessing your applications without any installation a reality. I’m proud that we can always deliver innovation in the products we release,” Gafa added.

The HTML5 gateway client not only provides access to remote desktop and applications, but it allows you to access your home or business PC, hosted virtual desktops and applications on-demand wherever you are, whenever you want.

Another advantage is that users can access unlimited number of connections utilizing minimal bandwidth. It also ensures security to your desktop and applications through an HTTPS gateway and second level authentication (SSL).

By supporting functions such as reconnection support, full screen support and virtual keyboard support, the gateway client delivers superior user experience. Most used connections are displayed on the homepage. Users can also manage active RDP connections.

The solution integrates with 2X ApplicationServer XG and allows access to virtual desktops and applications hosted on hypervisors such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, VMware vSphere and more.

Edited by Brooke Neuman


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