April 15, 2013

Genuitec Unveils MyEclipse 2013 Developer Tools

Genuitec, touted as the founder of the Eclipse Foundation, has recently revealed that it will be bringing its Mobile Tools to MyEclipse 2013. These tools will allow customers to create a ton of new and different applications, enabling them to code once and then move on and deploy the app anywhere they want.

The other goal of these tools is to let developers send their recently coded applications anywhere using the cloud. This will let Java and Web developers go mobile, without having to learn new coding languages continously.

“The HTML5-based Mobile Tools in MyEclipse 2013 make it simple to get started on your next project, or take what you’ve already coded, layout a new UI with the HTML5 Visual Designer and tie into the backend to make a older projects mobile accessible,” said Wayne Parrott, vice president of Product Development at Genuitec in a recent statement.

This new suite will give developers cross-platform tools that are designed with the Cordova/PhoneGape platform in mind. There are a whole host of different frames and templates made available by the suite. This will make it that much easier for developers to put together and code mobile applications correctly using just a single base code.

HTML5 is being frowned upon by some as being somewhat inferior to native applications, yet there is very little doubt that when a developer wants to make an application that can be used across multiple platforms this is the way to go. Applications can be created through the My Eclipse suite that will be usable on a variety of mobile devices as well as Linux, Mac and PC desktops.

MyEclipse is a subscription-based service that Genuitec is offering for as little as $30 annually. Depending on how secure and how in-depth a developer wants to go, there is an array of price and feature packages all the way up to $249.95 per year.


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