April 22, 2013

ComponentOne Outs Wijmo 2013 v1 Release with HTML5 Spreadsheet Component

ComponentOne, a provider of developer productivity tools and a division of GrapeCity, recently introduced the latest release, 2013 v1, of its Wijmo Enterprise user interface widget kit for HTML5 development. Wijmo Enterprise 2013 v1’s most significant new feature is a new high-performance spreadsheet component meant for enterprise Web application development.

This version of Wijmo also furthers the kit’s expansion into mobile, according to Chris Bannon, product manager at ComponentOne.

"We have expanded our collection of over 40 widgets to include first-class mobile support," said Bannon in a statement. "All of our widgets will automatically adapt to jQuery Mobile or jQuery UI environments given we have created the first and only Adaptive Widget Framework on the market with this release."

Another major technical update for this release of Wijmo Enterprise is full integration with BreezeJS standards. BreezeJS has risen to prominence lately to become the standard plug-in for providing data services to JavaScript applications. As such, not only does this integration keep Wijmo up to date with current standards, it makes it more lightweight and provides developers with greater flexibility in choosing frameworks to work with.

Furthermore, Wijmo Enterprise now models the company’s other products with a subscription-based plan. As such, Wijmo will receive three releases per year, while any customer with an ongoing subscription will be able to upgrade for free.

Speaking of ComponentOne’s other products, the company also released Studio Enterprise 2013 v1 this month. This release builds on the 2012.2 ASP .NET (News Alert) update to offer developers the ability to create rich Web applications with MVC 4 scaffolding in Wijmo. This Studio Enterprise release also includes new MVC 4 project templates and Wijmo-enhanced editor templates.

Meanwhile, Wijmo Enterprise 2013 v1’s new SpreadJS spreadsheet control function is a JavaScript-based widget that uses HTML5 Canvas to render Excel-like spreadsheets, bringing additional data visualization and calculation features into Web applications on the form of calculators, dynamic interactive dashboards and much more.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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