April 22, 2013

Rimhub Launches Custom Application Development Service for TSPs

Rimhub, a provider of outsourced managed services for telecoms, has launched a custom application development service that will help telecommunications services providers (TSPs) to build, integrate and provide value-added apps to communications products already in their portfolio.

Omar Paul, VP of IP Services for Rimhub said, “Rimhub’s custom applications development service offers TSPs an affordable and comprehensive solution to building and integrating apps that enhance value, reduce churn and increase their subscribers’ satisfaction.”

The custom app development service is expected to be a major offering among Rimhub’s IP center of excellence (COE) portfolio of services. It’s based on Rimhub’s BroadSoft (NewsAlert) BroadWorks platform knowledge and expertise, said officials.

Rimhub has deployed similar turnkey applications for Hosted PBX (NewsAlert) providers, including custom call center monitoring dashboards written in rapid application development technologies like Node.JS, MongoDB, and HTML5.

The deployments included apps components that are especially designed to connect VoIP platforms with instant messaging and presence servers. They leverage Java and custom desktop-based notification applications, and delivers incoming and outgoing call information with third-party SaaS (News Alert) platforms.

According to company officials, Rimhub’s IP COE is delivered by BroadSoft-certified engineers that help organizations serving their business needs in platform/subscriber migrations, scaling, apps development, process execution, re-imagining products, and mobility.

“By utilizing Rimhub’s IP COE engineers, customers have access to a team of trained, professional software developers with deep experience in communications-product integrations. A distinguishing benefit we have is that we don’t just build it and walk away, but rather provide product-level enhancement and support options for the life of the deployment,” Paul added.

As a global BPO/KPO provider, Rimhub provides managed services to managed networks, managed IT, service provisioning, finance and accounting, IP support, data center support, marketing, and managed compliance to telecommunications companies.

In January 2013, Rimhub, partnered with conversational analytics software firm CallMiner, a company that provides speech and voice of customer analytics solutions for contact centers. Rimhub expects its efforts will help the company to improve customer experience, reduce operating costs and successfully drive top line growth.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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