April 22, 2013

Gizmox Gains New CEO and New Funding While Supporting HTML5

Gizmox is taking HTML5 for all its worth, and intends to capitalize on its market for business apps. The company is known for creating and translating IT services into mobile apps through HTML, and has recently not only raised another $7.5 million, but has appointed a new CEO.

With new funding from Atlas Venture, Citrix, IVC, and Consolidated Investment Group, Gizmox’s total raised has reached $18 million. It’s not without a catch, as Jeff Fagnan and Christopher Lynch of Atlas Venture have joined Gizmox’s board, but that too is a benefit to the company, as it provides new expertise and ideas to the table.

The new CEO, Eugene Kiznetsov, has experience gained from many years of hard work and successful entrepreneurship. He worked on Internet Explorer for Microsoft (News Alert), started his own enterprise software company, DataPower, which was later sold to IBM, and still works as chairman for the online privacy company Abine, which he also started.

With all these changes in place, one thing remains consistent: Gizmox’s confidence in HTML5. Kuznetsov finds native platforms (the main rival to HTML5) not only unnecessary, but impractical, compared to the convenience of HTML5. When it comes to security and interfaces, HTML5 has the edge, and that is more important than fancy-looking graphics.

“Businesses today have rich complex client-server applications,” explains Kuznetsov. “These are things that you and I would never see unless we worked for Fortune 500 enterprises. They are very complex, with interfaces built over 20 years. Now there is pressure for those to work on iPads and other devices.But in many cases you cannot re-write those in ios or C#. It has to be something that is open and standard. Native apps are not really an option for these enterprises because the software they have is too complex and they have to support a broad range of devices and has to be something standard. HTML5 works great for this.”

Gizmox is clearly doing something right, with enterprise customers such as Visa and Bezeq (NewsAlert) Telecom. The company is aiming to win over even more customers, and continue to help translate their IT apps into mobile environments. With the new leadership, new funding, and same goals, it’s sure to do well.

Edited by Rich Steeves


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