April 29, 2013

Adobe’s Terry Ryan to Discuss HTML5 Best Practices at DevCon5

If you’ve ever been slightly involved with learning, using or updating HTML, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Adobe (NewsAlert). The digital media solutions provider helps users create digital content, deploy it across media and devices (and measure and optimize it over time), and is a major name in the industry. For me, my experience with HTML began with Adobe Dreamweaver. From tags, elements and attributes to layouts, color values and entities, Adobe helped transform me from a novice to a Web developer.

As the standard for HTML has evolved to HTML5, Adobe has adapted right along with it. Earlier this year, it introduced its new HTML5 Edge Reflow for responsive designers. Responsive design is an approach to Web design that adjusts to the user. For example, if you resize your browser window, the content and design will resize with it. This is especially helpful now that designers aren’t just designing for the PC – they are creating sites for smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. The tool can be used to create layouts and visual designs with CSS (NewsAlert) – a much easier and productive task than working all from code.

via Fast Company

Adobe’s Terry Ryan will be a presenter at DevCon5, an event that focuses on the technology, tools and techniques that enterprise, mobile and gaming developers need in order to build HTML5 pages and apps.

Ryan will present a session on mobile development, “PhoneGap/Cordova Hacks," to discuss PhoneGap best practices and developments in the Cordova community. He will also participate in a panel, "The Role of Frameworks on the Web," and take a deep dive into issues surrounding HTML5 libraries, JavaScript consolidation frameworks and appropriate criteria for using them.

"DevCon5 provides access to interactive, informative sessions on the latest products, services, trends and developments, and brings together the thought leaders in the HTML5 industry," said Carl Ford (NewsAlert), CEO of Crossfire Media and executive director of DevCon5 Content and Community, in a statement. "We’re pleased to have Terry included in our agenda, as attendees will be able to leverage his background and expertise to dive deeper into educational discussions on mobile and HTML development challenges."

The event will be held at the Kimmel Center in NYC in July. Click here to learn more.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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