April 30, 2013

FlipPageMaker Develops New Version of FlipBook Creator for HTML5

FlipPageMaker has developed a new version of FlipBook Creator for HTML5 aimed at the needs of iPad users.

The software offering converts PDF documents into page-turning, flipping books for those using iPads. Also, FlipBook Creator for HTML5 1.0.7 lets users turn pages by either dragging, using buttons or through thumbnails.

The company says users will see other added improvements. “The new version has been developed with all bugs fixed and the system assures a smoother run now,” the company said in a recent statement. “All our users will receive much better experience with our recently upgraded FlipBook Creator software for HTML5.”

In addition, the new version offers free templates for users to build flipbooks. They are also preconfigured with functions, modules and backgrounds, as well as many features to help edit flipbooks. For instance, there is a preview dialog-box. Background and button colors can be adjusted, logos can be changed, buttons can be hidden and there are controls for zooming. Many other features are included, too.

Flippagemaker Software, which is based in China, offers a FlipBook Creator that is designed to convert PDF files to interactive page turning flipbooks.  It targets such sectors as e-books, schools, businesses and government agencies.

The recent announcement on FlipBook Creator for HTML5 follows one earlier this year that introduced its Flipbook Creator Version 3.8.5.

“Our new Flipbook Creator Version 3.8.5 can create flipping books with a better visual effect more quickly and easily, and help[s] people to improve their working efficiency greatly,” company CEO Jason Chen said in a statement carried by TMCnet.

It includes a built-in speech engine, or users can import their own recorded audio content. Also, FlipBook Creator lets users create HTML5 compatible PDF-to-Flash page flipbooks for mobile devices that do not support Flash.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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