April 30, 2013

smartTrade HTML5 Framework Recognized as Best Sell-Side Web-Based Development Environment at Sell-Side Technology Awards 2013

smartTrade Technologies’ HTML5 front-end and development platform has recently been recognized as the best sell-side web-based development environment at the Sell-Side Technology Awards, presented by Waters Technology.

The HTML5 development platform helps clients to build user interfaces that can be deployed across multiple devices. The framework is integrated out-of-the-box with the company’s existing product lines. This allows customers to get a very fast time-to-market at a fraction of the cost they would pay with other frameworks.

In a statement, David Vincent, chief executive officer and CTO of smartTrade, said that smartTrade’s HTML5 development framework is designed to allow easy integration with existing trading engines, making the development life cycle of user interfaces extremely fast.

“Our HTML5 framework is designed to be open so that it can integrate with any back-end trading engine. smartTrade has a long pedigree of building open products to service the cross asset world. It is this experience that has also informed the design of our HTML5 framework,” Vincent said.

The distinguished panel of editors, consultants and sell-side professionals recognized smartTrade’s technology and the benefits it brings to sell-side firms, specifically the ability to help build trading applications across multiple devices. Because of this, the judges saw it fit to present the framework with the Best Sell-Side Web-Based Development Environment award.

Officials noted that this is the first time the category has appeared in the financial awards world, which shows its growing importance in the industry.

In related TMC (NewsAlert) news, smartTrade Technologies has also launched several new components for LiquidityFX, its packaged FX eCommerce system. Click here to learn more.

Edited by Blaise McNamee


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