May 01, 2013

DreamFactory Simplifies Mobile Enterprise Application Development

The DreamFactory Services Platform, a standards-based, open-source mobile architecture has been launched by DreamFactory Software  to reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy mobile applications for the enterprise.

The DreamFactory Services Platform allows developers to connect HTML5 and native applications to a wide array of web services including SQL Data, BLOB Storage, user management, app hosting, and external integration. It allows them to concentrate their efforts on design and user experience, and spend much less time on back-end integration.

The DreamFactory Services Platform supports enterprise mobility, HTML5, and cloud computing. The key features of this platform include admin console, app hosting, user management, SQL Services, BLOB Storage, and external integration. These services are accessed through a REST interface that supports both JSON and XML documents and the license for this open-source platform can be downloaded from its website.

 Bill Appleton, co-founder and CEO of DreamFactory said in a statement, "But hosting mobile applications on your own cloud or data center often requires lots of server-side software development. Drawing on ten years’ experience with this design pattern, we have created the ultimate service platform for mobile enterprise applications. Our value proposition is substantial: software development costs, network bandwidth, application security, cloud hosting bills, time to market, and user experience are all improved with the DreamFactory Services Platform."

Patrick Sheridan, founder of Modus Create said, "We were able to rapidly build tablet and phone apps on this platform. Our focus is on delivering an exceptional user interface and experience, so the pre-built server-side connections DreamFactory provides really help us get new applications to market faster.”

Edited by Ashley Caputo


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