May 02, 2013

Oracle Adds HTML5 Support to Secure Global Desktop

HTML5 is receiving more support, with Oracle (News Alert) releasing version 5.0 of the Oracle Secure Desktop with HTML5 support. This will allow IT organizations to make applications more easily available to remote users, while still maintaining IT security and management.

The idea is to use an HTML5-enabled browser on user devices to access applications running on a server elsewhere. This is made possible thanks to the enrichment of the browser environment, as well as the Tarantella terminal server technology that Oracle gained from Sun Microsystems (News Alert).

Should an organization wish to replicate a complete desktop experience on a mobile device, doing so will require a virtual desktop infrastructure. However, in order to access a specific set of applications, all it takes is to extend the currently existing remote access technology, which Oracle is making easy to do.

“Oracle provides the world’s best foundation for applications with Oracle’s Exalogic Elastic Cloud engineered system,” says Mohamad Afshar, VP of product management for Oracle. “Oracle’s customers deploying Oracle Applications within the Exalogic Elastic Cloud engineered system can now use Oracle Secure Global Desktop as a certified solution to extend the reach of Oracle Applications to tablet devices such as the iPad while at the same time attaining improved security.”

There are multiple benefits to Oracle Secure Desktop 5.0, along with the simple mobile access it offers; it provides security enhancements, extended session mobility, and expanded server, client, and browser support. All of these can combine to create an improved and easier experience, providing an improved experience for all users.

This is also particularly useful in a BYOD environment, as it allows devices to access enterprise applications and desktops without a VPN client. It also provides tablet users access to Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and web-based Oracle applications, providing more tools and accessible programs for workers on the go. All this can combine to create an addition to Oracle’s Desktop Virtualization portfolio that helps employees and IT departments work more efficiently and with less difficulty.

Edited by Ashley Caputo


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