May 09, 2013

Paessler Updates PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler AG is enabling network administrators to view more information on a single page through an update to PRTG Network Monitor.

The updated Monitor features a new Single Page Application (SPA) architecture based on HTML5 to deliver a faster Web experience.

PRTG Network Monitor leverages HTML5 to offer an improved user interface helping network administrators to understand data presentation easily.

This improved user interface also boasts more overall functionality and requires fewer clicks by the users. Both the sensor and device pages offer more information at a single glance due to an improved design.

Network administrators can now easily focus on the task at hand because all tasks take place in pop-up layers within the browser and also they can change the priority and favourite status of objects with a single click.

The updated PRTG Network Monitor has also reduced reloading and reparsing of CSS (NewsAlert) (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML and JavaScript.

“We believe the new version of PRTG Network Monitor will satisfy our users’ most demanding requirements," said Dirk Paessler, founder and CEO at Paessler AG. "The power, speed, clarity and utility of our new updated version will allow administrators to stay on top of every aspect of system performance."

All PRTG Network Monitor customers can now use Paessler’s new release through a valid maintenance contract. Users will also benefit from a newly introduced heuristic calculation feature in the update as it identifies sensors that show similar behaviour.

This ultimately helps user to find interconnections in the network and detect unexpected influences and interactions between systems.

Paessler provides powerful, affordable and easy-to-use network monitoring and testing solutions. Earlier this year, its PRTG Network Monitor software switched to a new HTML5-based Web interface.

The existing Web interface code in the updated version has been completely rewritten in HTML5.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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