May 09, 2013

Celtra AdCreator 3 Platform Features Interactive Advertising Bureau Mobile Rising Stars

Celtra, a specialist in rich media ad serving and analytics, has added all five of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mobile Rising Stars in its AdCreator 3 platform and has certified these formats for several publishers and ad networks.

The Rising Stars will provide an enhanced solution within stipulated IAB guidelines that focuses mainly on the Slider and Pull formats and has further enhanced them with greater features, making them suitable for the AdCreator 3 platform.

Mihael Mikek, Co-founder and CEO at Celtra said, “Advertisers and publishers now have the ability to take advantage of these new Rising Stars ad formats from our AdCreator platform. Celtra’s Rising Stars deliver highly engaging ads that leave users with a positive brand experience.”

Celtra’s Mobile Rising Stars has a variety of different formats such as the Pull feature, which pulls a full screen ad experience vertically over the publisher content; and the Slider banner, which can show or close an ad while Sticky Banner can dynamically lock to a designated area.

Also the Filmstrip feature provides a multi-panel, scrollable vertical or horizontal ad and the Full Page Flex delivers a full screen experience that accommodates both portrait and landscape orientation.

Peter Minnium, head of Brand Initiatives at IAB said, “The Mobile Rising Stars are designed to provide brand marketers with engaging mobile canvasses as scale. Given the complexity of the mobile ecosystem, naming standards is just half the challenge enabling these across mobile devices and publishers is an equally important task. Celtra’s support of these units in its platform will greatly ease that challenge for its broad list of clients.”

Officials explained that Celtra’s Rising Stars ad formats will offer support to a full set of AdCreator features including video, animation, location based features, gaming features and social media features.

Recently Celtra announced that the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has selected the company as a winner of the IAB Digital Video Rising Stars competition. The Agency Working Group evaluated more than six dozen entries to arrive at the five creative ad product concepts that will become the IAB’s first-ever Digital Video ad format standards.

Now that the winners have been announced, the IAB will form Working Groups in which the winning companies will collaborate with input from the Agency Working Group and the Ad Ops Working Group, to craft a final Style Guide and Technology Specifications for each of the five Digital Video Rising Stars.


Edited by Ashley Caputo


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