May 10, 2013

Sencha Announces Significant International Expansion

Sencha, a major player in powering HTML5 development for desktop and mobile applications, has undertaken international expansion through definitive training partnerships with Okkralabs of Latin America and Xenophy of Japan.

Officials with Sencha pointed out that the new additions join existing Indian training partner Avantsoft to grow Sencha’s global footprint, which now includes Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, Latin America and the United States.

"In the last 12 months, we have experienced unprecedented demand for training on Sencha frameworks and tools all over the world, with particular growth in South and Central America, and Japan," said Jeff Hartley, vice president of services at Sencha, in a statement.

Hartley said that Xenophy and Okkralabs are first-class training organizations with deep expertise in HTML5, and they are strategic partners for Sencha that will further fuel the company’s expansion in these markets.

Sencha’s application frameworks, tools and cloud services empower developers to create high quality applications based on Web standards that can run on an unprecedented number of devices, platforms and browsers. The company’s flagship product, Sencha Complete, includes industry-leading JavaScript frameworks, tools, and services.

More than 2 million developers worldwide at more than 150,000 companies use the Sencha family of products to build highly functional and robust desktop and mobile applications to run their business.

Company officials said that Sencha’s HTML5 application frameworks, Sencha Touch and Sencha Ext JS, enable developers to build fast and powerful apps that work across desktops and leading mobile platforms including Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry 10 and Microsoft Windows Phone (NewsAlert) 8.

According to company officials, Sencha’s training program provides partners with exclusive rights to deliver official Sencha training through both open and onsite training classes to further extend developers’ expertise in building HTML5 apps.

"We are excited to offer Sencha’s proven training approach and methodology to developers throughout Latin America, from Argentina to Mexico," said Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Okkralabs.

O’Rourke said that with the high demand for quality training and the exploding adoption of Sencha’s tools in the developer community, the company’s partnership provides Okkralabs with an enormous opportunity to expand growth and reach.

"Xenophy is proud to work with Sencha to provide the exact tools and training required by Japanese developers to rapidly build high quality HTML5 apps for the enterprise market," said Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi, CEO of Xenophy.

Kotsutsumi said that the chance to provide Sencha’s high level curriculum is a win-win for Xenophy and Sencha, and the company is excited to move forward.

Edited by Rich Steeves


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