May 11, 2013

HTML5 Week in Review

Aiming to redefine how websites display content and how users interact with advertisements, the newest version of Web markup language HTML5 is enabling many new applications across a wide range of industries. Consequently, the HTML5 space this past week was active with several news announcements and developments.

A key item amongst them was the release of an HTML5 guidance for cross-screen ad delivery. Titled  “HTML5 for Digital Advertising 1.0: Guidance for Ad Designers & Creative Technologists,” it was a joint effort of  Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Ad Operations Council and Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, reported TMCnet contributor Madhubanti Rudra. This newly released document is intended to help the digital advertising and Internet marketing industry in its effective implementation of HTML5 ad code, wrote Rudra.

In essence, as per the report, the guide shows how marketers can strategically and effectively bring HTML5 ad development into the mainstream. For that, it not only identifies the common challenges associated with the adoption of the technology for digital advertising, but also offers solutions for overcoming these hurdles. It features time and cost-saving guidance and an HTML5 wiki resource that designers and developers will find extremely helpful, says the report.

Also, this past week, rich media ad specialist Celtra announced the addition of all five of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mobile Rising Stars in its AdCreator 3 platform, reported TMCnet contributor Shamila Janakiraman. As per the report, the company has certified these formats for several publishers and ad networks. According to Celtra, the Rising Stars will provide an enhanced solution within stipulated IAB guidelines that focuses mainly on the Slider and Pull formats and has further enhanced them with greater features, making them suitable for the AdCreator 3 platform.

In other news, TMCnet contributor Anuradha Shukla reported that Paessler AG has released an updated PRTG network monitor that enables network administrators to view more information on a single page. The report indicates that the updated PRTG network monitor leverages HTML5 technology to offer an improved user interface permitting administrators to stay on top of every aspect of system performance.

Likewise, Japan’s consumer giant Sony announced that it is planning to release a premium smartphone based on Mozilla’s first mobile operating system Firefox. It was reported by TMCnet contributing writer Rory Lidstone. Well, Sony is not alone to exploit the virtues of HTML5 based Firefox OS. Other cell phone makers working to develop Firefox OS based phones include LG, ZTE, Huawei (NewsAlert) and Alcatel.

Lastly, technology company Turbulenz revealed that it will make its HTM5 gaming engine open source. Thus, allowing anyone with the time and the know-how to create their own in-browser video game, reported TMCnet contributing writer Michael Mayday. The engine, which is available at Github, is flexible and allows for developers to create both 2D and 3D environments, wrote Mayday.  


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