May 14, 2013

23 Updates its Platform to HTML5

Jumping aboard the HTML5 craze is 23, a video-platform provider based in Copenhagen. The company has announced “The Player Release” – an update to its 23 Video platform from Flash to HTML5, ArtcicStartup reports.

The 23 Video platform lets users develop their own branded video players to build video websites. Previously, the company used Flash, which is a trickier platform than HTML5, so the switch should invite more organizations to develop creative new video players through 23. HTML5 sports enhanced flexibility on mobile devices, where HTML5 video is supreme. Ditte Wulff, CEO of 23, explains that video players have been slow to develop, but suggests that HTML5 is the right direction.

“Video players haven’t been evolving with the web, and it had become impossible to create great players that just work everywhere. You had to choose between awkward Flash players or leaving a big group of users behind. Instead, most companies have settled for very simple standard players and didn’t build the player experience they really wanted for their customers or users,” Wulff said.

Now, thanks to the update to HTML5, web developers can work with increased speed to brand the player or add video controls. They can also tweak their player with a Player Builder that can create and deploy players as part of the Web development process.

 Steffen Tiedemann Christensen, CTO and co-founder of 23, explained that making a single set of tools that could use HTML5 video in modern browsers, in iPads, iPhones, etc. – and to have the same design code be compatible with Flash and outdated browsers – was the biggest challenge in the update.

“What we came up with is a full, open-source player framework and a Player Builder for developers and designers to use. It takes the pain away from thinking outside of the box, and makes sure players just work everywhere,” said Christensen.

Wulff adds that 23’s business model is very network based. The brand has build loyalty by using “100 percent human support” for its users.

This “human” idea is evident in the company’s name – 23 comes from the statistic that there only needs to be 23 people in the same room for the probability of two people having the same birthday to be greater than 50 percent.

At present, 23 hosts video sites for more than 300 organizations. The company is soon to open another set of sales offices in Stockholm and Oslo, as it branches out further into Scandinavia.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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