May 15, 2013 Revamps its HTML5

Getting in on the HTML5 buzz, the global mobile ad network announced that it has fortified its HTML5 rich media solution offering by introducing features of social sharing and A/B testing, reports.

In celebration of the HTML5 revolution, the company will be offering free HTML5 creative services to allow marketers to get in on the movement. The company is looking to enable brands to leverage mobile rich media in a powerful and engaging way.’s HTML5 solution comprises ad creative development, distribution, social capabilities, analytics and measurement.

Binay Tiwari, director of global marketing and product at, remarked on the news, saying that the company’s enriched media ad platform “allows advertisers to create engaging moments that consumers love, and we have now natively built in social sharing options to enable ‘virality’ of this engagement.”

Tiwari adds that the addition of A/B testing functionality makes “running parallel campaigns a breeze, thereby allowing advertisers to experiment more and make more informed decisions based on real-time user engagement metrics. Our unique mobile rich media offering, combined with our premium full screen App media will allow advertisers to breathe life into their mobile ad campaigns.”

The research firm IDC (NewsAlert) recently illuminated major events in the mobile HTML5 space, indicating that there will be more than one billion HTML5 mobile browsers in the market in 2013.

And why not? HTML5 has already shown its superiority, enabling marketers to produce interactive, impactful and intuitive engagement methods such as touch, click, drag, scratch and 360 degree view functionalities.

The technology HTML5 offers gives consumers a more fulsome brand experience.

Sanchit Sanga, the regional digital leader of Mindshare APAC, gives HTML5 and’s use of it another vote of confidence stating that it “has allowed us to create unique and out-of-the-box HTML5 ads and mobile micro sites. The additional capabilities of A/B testing and social sharing will allow us to innovate with even lesser friction, to create brand experiences that mobile consumers absolutely love.”

Edited by Alisen Downey


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