May 18, 2013

HTML5 Week in Review

As the new version of Web markup language HTML5 gathers momentum, Web browsers are offering social APIs and other components to support HTML5. In addition, new HTML5 enabled video platforms emerged this past week to enhance video gaming.

This past week, contributing writer Nicole Spector reported that the global mobile ad network has further enhanced its HTML5 rich media solution offering by introducing features of social sharing and A/B testing. The report says that the company is looking to enable brands to leverage mobile rich media in a powerful and engaging way.’s HTML5 solution comprises ad creative development, distribution, social capabilities, analytics and measurement.

According to Binay Tiwari, director of Global Marketing and Products at, the company’s enriched media ad platform “allows advertisers to create engaging moments that consumers love, and we have now natively built in social sharing options to enable ‘virality’ of this engagement.”

In other news, it was reported that Mozilla (NewsAlert) has released the latest version of Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, bringing a number of improvements over previous versions, including social network integration on the desktop, open source fonts on Android (NewsAlert) and HTML5 tweaks. Firefox 21’s new social API enables social providers to integrate directly with Firefox resulting in a more social, customizable and personal browsing experience. According to The Next Web, this means that users are able to keep up with social news without having to switch between tabs as all content is displayed in a Firefox sidebar, wrote Lidstone.

As per the report, the first social network to partner with Firefox in this endeavor was Facebook (NewsAlert), largely because the company helped Mozilla develop the Social API. The report says that since the introduction of the API toward the end of 2012, users have been able to send Facebook messages directly from Firefox. Also, this new feature allows Firefox to offer real-time updates about news, entertainment and more.

Last but not least, it was revealed that Google’s Breakout fans got a little surprise. By going to Google (News Alert) Images and typing in "Atari Breakout," then performing a search as normal will yield a version of the classic title, fully playable, with Google images turned into the blocks that users must destroy.


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